"I take it you didn't see the giant ABANDONED sign outside, so I'm gonna give you 'til five to get out, and keep the screaming off, dumbass."
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  • "Is— is it meant to be bleeding, that much?"
  • "Help me."
  • "Don’t touch me!"
  • "You’re a monster."
  • "Why are we in a graveyard?"
  • "How long’s it been?"
  • "Do you even know what you’ve done?"
  • "Tell me you’re sorry."
  • "Do it for me."
  • "They’re fast, faster than you can believe. Don’t turn your back, don’t look away, and whatever you do… don’t blink."
  • "Good luck."
  • "I’m sorry. I’m so sorry."
  • "Hurts, doesn’t it?"
  • "Oh, yeah. It does suck when someone says one thing and does the other, doesn’t it?"
  • "I’m scared."
  • "I need a doctor."
  • "Can I help?"
  • "Excuse you."
  • "What’ve you done?"
  • "What’re you doing?"
  • "How old are you?"
  • "That’s not how you use it…"
» Greeter Sentences


  • "Good morning!"
  • "Good evening!"
  • "Excuse me, but have we met?"
  • "You look familiar…"
  • I’m lost, can you please tell me where I am?”
  • "Mind telling me where I am?"
  • "Where the hell am I?"
  • "You look like you need some help."
  • "Excuse me, but do you need any help with that?"
  • "Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry for bumping into you!"
  • "What are you suppose to be?"
  • "Hey, down here!"
  • "Eyes down here, big fella!"
  • "Oh, hi! Sorry, I didn’t see you there."
  • "A friend of mine was talking about you, they told me that I should meet you."
  • "Hi there!"
  • "I think I saw you on TV or the news before. Are you famous?"
  • "Wait up, I want to talk to you!"
brunnie, do you need to sleep/eat?

"I don’t need to, but we like to do the things we like, right?” 


"I’ve got some bandages, wait a sec."

Send One In For My Muse’s Reaction: [Bruised Edition]

Brunnie glanced up from the red-stained washcloth she was pressing onto her upper arm, her mouth opening to protest, “Ah, no, you don’t have to do that! It’ll heal soon on its -“ 

But she could only watch helplessly as the woman trotted off down the hall, around the corner, and out of sight. “…Own.” 

The spirit blew out a light, defeated breath, returning her gaze back onto the wound and tightening her grip on it.  ”OK, then,” she said with in a murmur.  

//Now I’m thinking of just moving my whole modern blog to its own account just so I don’t have to see that dang anon icon in place of my more perfect one. 

"I missed you."

Send in one to see how my muse reacts.

A dozen questions spun through her thoughts at the quiet admittance after Cupcake hugged her about her waist without warning: did something happen while she was away? Were things alright at her house? Were her parents fighting again? Were kids still giving her trouble at school?  

Some silent seconds passed as she debated over questioning Cupcake, but Brunnie chose to only to smile and rested her hand on the younger girl’s shoulder, giving it a light rub. 

"Hey, I was only gone for a few weeks…but I missed you, too." 

» RP Tip:


Muses take on lives of their own. Over time, we lose control of how they feel about others, and that’s perfectly okay, and not something to make people feel guilty about.

Making people feel guilty about allowing their muses to grow is NOT okay, under any circumstances.


Jokul and Brunnie zipping around after a Wendigo tho

//What about Jokul and Brunnie zipping around after a Wendigo DURING THE FIGHT? 



» Sentence Memes [ Panic! At The Disco edition ]


{ Mad As Rabbits }

  • "Come save me from walking off a windowsill."
  • "I’ll sleep in the rain."
  • "Don’t you remember when I was a bird and you were a map."
  • "Can’t get enough trash."
  • "He took the day for pageants."
  • "Became as mad as rabbits."
  • "With bushels of bad habits, who could ask for anymore?"
  • "Who could have more?"
  • "We must reinvent love."

{ From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins }

  • "There are feathers everywhere."
  • "But, it’s fine."
  • "You do this all the time."
  • "If you’re goin’, then go."
  • "Watch love get strangled by a kites cold strings."

{ She Had the World }

  • "He/She held the world upon a string, but she didn’t ever hold me."
  • "But, it never made him/her happy."
  • "Cause he/she couldn’t ever have me."
  • "But, he/she could never win me."
  • "Cause he/she couldn’t ever catch me."
  • "I know why."
  • "Because when I look in his/her eyes, I just see the sky."
  • "I don’t love you I’m just passing the time."
  • "You could love me if I knew how to lie."
  • "But who could love me?"
  • "I am out of my mind."
  • "Throwing a line out to sea; to see if I can catch a dream."
  • "The sun was always in his/her eyes."
  • "He/She didn’t even see me."
  • "But, that girl/boy had so much love, she’d/he’d wanna kiss you all the time."

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